About Us

D. S. Th Services Ltd established as a limited liability company in Cyprus with the purpose of offering high quality financial services.

The Company is licensed by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC) to offer accounting and audit services in Cyprus. It is also in line with all applicable laws and regulations as these issued by the Department of the Registrar of Companies in Cyprus.

Our Mission

To help our clients have less troubles and better lifestyle.

Our Vision

To become a leading service organization in Cyprus and help our country’s financial sector to grow by providing high quality financial services.

Our Values

Integrity: Living in accordance with our deepest values and by honest to your clients.

Leadership: A desire to serve a purpose greater than our selves.

Knowledge: Offer high quality services based on our knowledge, experience and continuous learning.

Stability / Security: To offer to our clients a secure and stable environment to develop their business and strategy.

Trustworthiness / Loyalty: To know that they can rely on us and be there at any time.

Responsibility: Be responsible against our clients and the society with special actions toward environmental sustainability.

Why Us?

Extensive knowledge and experiences in a variety of sectors and industries.

High quality standard of professional services.

Because we are passionate on what we do.

Because we care about you and your needs.